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MEDLIFE Education Update: Family Health Workshops



79-2Villa El Salvador, one of the many districts in Lima, Peru where MEDLIFE operates, is characterized by a long history of diligence and self-sufficiency. The area was awarded the Price of Asturias Award for Concord in 1987 and was nomiated for a Nobel Peace Prize for excellence in social work and community growth in 1986. Even in the face of numerous challenges affecting all aspects of daily life, the people of Villa El Salvador have proven themselves to be stalwart and community minded.


MEDLIFE’s relationship with the former shantytown over the past year and a half has grown significantly in the form of reoccuring Mobile Clinics, workshops and patient follow-up care.


This past May, MEDLIFE held another successful health workshop in the town’s civic center with nearly 180 residents in attendance.  MEDLIFE staff handed out pamphlets covering an array of health topics, including breast cancer, cervical cancer, diabetes, malnutrition, hypertension and cholosterol, fungal infections, and sexually transmitted diseases.


79-3After discussing the risks of breast cancer, Dr. Jenifer Soto led an exercise in self breast examination which received enthusiastic participation from everyone — even a small number of men. Dr. José Luis Rodriguez explained how to detect and treat malnutrition among children and senior citizens.


Workshops like these are a crucial component of our ever-expanding education program as we strive to teach patients about the importance of preventative care.