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Patient Story: Jose Luis Solizor

Sometimes we encounter patients through means other than mobile clinics. This is the case of José Luis Solizor, a 26-year-old who, like many in Peru, works hard for his family. More than anything he has two important goals; work to support his sick mother, and be reunited with his younger sisters in Lima, whom he had been separated from through bad circumstances. Yet in an instant his goals became jeopardized. While working as a truck driver a terrible accident left José Luis with a serious spinal injury, resulting in loss of mobility of his legs. He was in critical condition when he arrived in his native region of Pichanaquí, Ucayali, to receive surgery. Unfortunately the operation was unsuccessful and he required immediate transfer to Lima, where he could receive further care. 


His family was determined to take action, and the efforts of his loving and devoted mother were pivotal in changing José Luis’s life. Despite having health problems of her own, Sonia Arrostegui, José Luis’s mother, did everything in her power to transfer her son to the capital where he could receive the care he needed. 

 In August of 2013, Sonia was at the Rehabilitation Center of Chorrillos trying to get an appointment for her son. MEDLIFE staff present were told about the case from other patients, and approached Sonia to learn more about her son.MEDLIFE began to help José Luis in many capacities, including providing him with medication to treat infections in his digestive and urinary systems, problems resulting from the accident. 


Despite many obstacles this story has a happy ending. After six months of navigating formalities, José Luis has access to the Adriana Rebaza Rehabilitation Center where, after various exams, doctors determined that after four months of treatment the likelihood of regaining mobility in his legs was very high. MEDLIFE continues to support José Luis with food specific to his dietary needs, transportation, and payment for treatment. 

Our goal is to see José Luis walking again, returning to work, and reuniting with his family. Until then, MEDLIFE will continue to provide support for him.