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MEDLIFE Patient story: Yajaira Muray Ary Tolentino

My first encounter with Deli occurred on the final day of a MEDLIFE Service Learning Trip. Sent to capture the inauguration of a staircase in her community, I found Deli’s shyness replaced with enthusiasm as she eagerly showed me around her newly constructed home, thanks to the encouragement of fellow MEDLIFE’s patient follow up program staff members, Kristine and Lina.

MEDLIFE's patient follow up programDeli, along with MEDLIFE staff members Lina and Kristine, in front of the newly constructed home.

A New Beginning for Deli

Perched at the top of the staircase, Deli’s modest home boasted a clear path leading to a small white gate. As we explored the interior, envisioning the kitchen, her parent’s room, and a cozy living space, Deli’s attention was diverted by volunteers outside, adorning a rock with colorful butterflies. Delighted, she joined in, transforming the rock into a makeshift plaque for her new abode.

Yajaira’s family in the space where her old shack used to be, getting ready to lay down the new structure. Also featured is Yajaira’s husband, Felix, who has recently been entered into MEDLIFE’s follow up program.

Seeking Relief: Yajaira’s Story

Meanwhile, in the neighboring community of 15C, MEDLIFE staff members encountered Yajaira Muray Ary Tolentino. Initially approached by a concerned neighbor seeking help on Yajaira’s behalf, the team later met her while working on a nearby staircase project. Yajaira’s journey began when she moved to Lima from Requena with her one-year-old daughter, Deli.

MEDLIFE's patient follow up programLina and Kristine carrying up Supplies to construct the new home.

A Quest for Stability

Yajaira’s quest for stability led her to the community of 15A1, where she secured a small plot of land. Faced with challenging living conditions, she improvised a shelter using plastic. Determined to provide a better home for her family, Yajaira’s resilience shone through as she expanded their living space while pregnant with her second daughter.

MEDLIFE's patient follow up programYajaira and her family on the day of inauguration.

Addressing Health Concerns

As the MEDLIFE team worked to improve their home, Deli expressed concerns about her mother’s health. Yajaira, plagued by fainting spells since the age of 14, faced uncertainty about her condition. However, with MEDLIFE’s intervention, hope emerged as she prepared to enroll in MEDLIFE’s patient follow-up program.

The bottle smash, a Peruvian tradition to inauguratea finished construction project.

A Path to Healing

Enrolling in MEDLIFE’s patient follow-up program marks a pivotal step in Yajaira’s journey towards healing. With the support of MEDLIFE nurses, she seeks answers to the underlying causes of her condition, paving the way for a brighter, healthier future for herself and her family.

MEDLIFE's patient follow up programYajaira and her youngest daughter in front of their new home.

Deli and Yajaira’s stories exemplify the transformative impact of MEDLIFE’s patient follow-up program. From providing essential healthcare services to addressing underlying health concerns, MEDLIFE continues to empower individuals and communities, offering hope and healing where it’s needed most.

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