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Benefits of Planning a Service Learning Trip in Advance

Even if you’re not traveling right now, you can always plan and dream. The heart of MEDLIFE is full of dreamers like you, eager to make a difference. So, let’s start dreaming big and planning our next adventure. Here are 7 great reasons to begin organizing your Service Learning Trip (SLT) today!

Rally Your Friends - Planning a Service Learning Trip

1. Rally your friends 

The more the merrier! Bring your buddies on a Service Learning Trip so that you can share the experience of volunteering abroad and exploring another country together. Traveling on an SLT is a surefire way to strengthen your friendship and meet other like-minded people in the process. By bringing your friends on an SLT, you also help us grow our reach in low-income communities. The number of students that you bring on an SLT directly correlates to the number of patients that we can serve. More students means even more lives impacted!

As an added bonus, referring your friends to MEDLIFE may make you eligible for reduced trip costs! Learn more about the MEDLIFE scholarships and programs.

2. More time to fundraise 

With a few extra months up your sleeve, you’ll have ample opportunity to organize fundraisers, save your pennies, and ask your loved ones for donations. This will help take the stress out of reaching your donation goal before the deadline. You might even be able to raise some additional funds to purchase essential medical supplies for communities in need! 

For some inspiration on how you and your Chapter can get started fundraising for your next SLT, check out this post for fundraising ideas. 

3. Brush up on your language skills 

During Mobile Clinics, we often hear volunteers say they wish that they knew more of the local language. It’s undeniable that speaking even basic Spanish will help you get more out of a Service Learning Trip in Ecuador or Peru. You’ll be able to connect with local community members on a deeper level and be better equipped to shadow medical professionals in the field. 

For language learning resources, check out this blog post.

Travels - Planning a Service Learning Trip

4. Plan your travels 

Many students who come on an SLT combine their volunteering with added adventures via our partner travel company, Good Life Expeditions. Whether you’re dreaming of hiking the epic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, tracing the footsteps of Charles Darwin in the Galapagos Islands, or spotting wild animals in the mighty Amazon Jungle, the options are endless!

Adding a travel experience to your SLT is a great way to grow your understanding of local culture and history while also supporting MEDLIFE. Profits from every trip with Good Life Expeditions support our work in bringing healthcare, education, and a safe home to low-income communities.

5. Discover local culture

Get the most out of your service-learning experience by immersing yourself in the local culture before you arrive. By deepening your knowledge of a country’s history and customs, you’ll be better equipped to connect with locals, build relationships, and understand their lived experiences.

With the virtual world at our fingertips during quarantine, there are so many ways to tap into a destination’s culture, from books and films to music and art. Read this blog post for some recommendations to get you started. 

6. Reduce trip costs 

If you register for a Service Learning Trip now, you can lock in your trip’s donation goal and avoid any future changes to trip costs! In addition, by planning your trip in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to find the best deals on flights once travel restrictions are lifted. Complete the form below for more information!

Cusco - Planning a Service Learning Trip

Ready to Transform Lives with a Sustainable Approach?

Dreaming and planning today with an ethically driven organization can lead you toward experiences that resonate deeper than just travel. Partnering with a nonprofit that boasts over 19 years of experience means embarking on Service Learning Trips that stand on the pillars of sustainability and genuine community collaboration.

Our legacy is built on connecting with communities, understanding their needs, and working hand-in-hand to bring about real, impactful change. With every trip, you’re not just volunteering; you’re becoming part of a long-standing tradition of ethical engagement and mutual respect.

✨ Step into this Legacy with Us! ✨

Whether you’re venturing out solo or rallying a group of friends, kickstarting your planning today places you on a trajectory of profound impact. Complete our form, and together, let’s craft experiences that remain etched in both your heart and the communities we serve.