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Making a dream come true!

Last year our summer interns Eleanor Dickens and Lara Chambers were touched by the story of Adela, a community leader from Pamplona who suffered an accident while walking through the hills looking for solutions to the water problem at her community. The accident disabled Adela from walking long distances and from continuing her hard work. Being a single mother and widow has made Adela the breadwinner of her family, so she has always been concerned about providing everything her children need.


With the little savings she had, Adela bought some fabrics and ribbons to start doing what she does best: handicrafts. Adela began making handbags and wallets to sell, but it wasn’t enough. In order to sell more of her products, Adela needed to buy the right equipment to produce greater quantities with better quality. Unfortunately such equipment was too expensive and buying requires an effort that she could not do in that moment.

In an effort to help, the girls started a campaign to raise funds for Adela and help her take on her business more seriously.  With this, Adela is able to have more income for her family and a better quality of life. Once the campaign was online it was amazing how fast people started collaborating with them. “Every time I could, I went to a cyber café to look at the campaign. I was really excited,” Adela told us.


After a long effort, MEDLIFE is proud to announce that 100% of all money donated to Adela was used to buy all the materials and machinery she needs. Now she can start working without complications.
“Thanks to Eleanor, Lara and all the MEDLIFE team for making this dream come true for me,” said Adela after we finished buying all the materials. 

We are glad that like Eleanor and Lara, our volunteers and supporters are taking action and making real changes in the lives of thousands of people in need. Together, we are making it possible.