Meet Student Advisor Board Part Two - MEDLIFE

Meet Student Advisor Board Part Two

          My name is Alexa Friedman, I am from the University of Connecticut. Working for MEDLIFE this past summer as a Volunteer Affairs Intern was one the most eye-opening and life changing experiences I have ever had. I learned so much about healthcare, global health, and human rights. I will forever be grateful for the experiences I have had thanks to MEDLIFE. I decided to become an SAB because I believe connection and inter-chapter discussions could benefit the members of all chapters and MEDLIFE as a whole. The connections I have made through MEDLIFE will be friendships I will have for the rest of my life. I hope that I can help others feel the way I do.


         Nidhi Aggarwal is a third-year student at the University of Georgia completing academic focuses in genetics and public health, focusing her experiences on examining the intersectionality between modern medicine and public health. Her involvement in MEDLIFE has allowed a platform for studying the diverse components that influence human health in her local town of Athens, Georgia, USA, as well as abroad on a mobile clinic to Cusco, Peru. Beginning as a Family Head in her university chapter of MEDLIFE, continuing as a member of the Mobilization Committee, and currently serving as a Co-Service Chair, Nidhi is enthusiastic to work with fellow members of the Student Advisory Board to spread awareness of the MEDLIFE Mission and continue to develop the organization. Upholding the fundamental ideals that allow MEDLIFE’s operations to be so successful—sustainable, development, provision of healthcare, education and awareness—she is confident that her work alongside this group of bright and motivated students will allow positive contributions to the vast expanses of the MEDLIFE community.

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         My name is Ryan, I am at the University of Iowa, in the Midwest region. I chose to be involved with SAB because I wanted to continue working with MEDLIFE even though I am in graduate school. I think MEDLIFE is a really amazing organization that changes someone’s life each and every day. I wanted to continue being involved in the process of helping the lives of those abroad as well as leading students here in the states, to open their horizons to the great work of volunteerism and hopefully steer them in that direction in more than just a one time function.


         My name is Ellie Sidler and I am a Junior at Miami University in Ohio. I am part of the Northeast division. I love MEDLIFE because it is focused on making a lasting impact on the health of communities throughout the world. I joined the SAB because I hope to start new chapters in order to reach students and spread the MEDLIFE mission.

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          My name is Ramanjia, I am from the University of Toronto. I first heard about MEDLIFE through one of my friends during the first year of my undergrad. Since then, I have been very interested in the work that MEDLIFE does and really admire what MEDLIFE stands for. Not only has MEDLIFE helped me identify my passion for medicine and global health, it has also given me the opportunity to help many families in my community and around the world. By joining the SAB, I hope to continue my work with MEDLIFE and bring awareness to this great cause.


         My name is Fouad, I am from the University of Michigan-Dearborn in the Midwest . I am the current president and founder of our chapter here and we have been an active chapter for almost a year now. I am a Biological Sciences major and a Psychology minor on a Pre-Med track. I have attended a Mobile Clinic in Lima,Peru and I plan to attend many more in the near future. Since my trip to Lima, Peru my eyes have been opened and I have now seen first hand how MEDLIFE operates. I can say now that I am truly aligned with MEDLIFE’s mission. I became a SAB member to further my involvement with MEDLIFE and to get others involved too.


          My name is Kaavya, I am from the University of Michigan. Why MEDLIFE is important to me: MEDLIFE offers those who would otherwise have minimal to no access to healthcare culturally sensitive and sustainable solutions that attack the root of these issues, which is something I have always aimed to embody as I grow as a young medically-based professional.  MEDLIFE has taught me so much about public health, international work, and the numerous ways we can use whatever privileges we may have to help others and I can’t wait to work with MEDLIFE and give back the skills and knowledge MEDLIFE has offered me as a chapter and SAB member.  


          Hey my name is Kevin and I’m the student advisory board member responsible for Europe. MEDLIFE is currently increasingly expanding and I hope to give my small contribution to communities experiencing poverty worldwide by being part of that expansion right here in Europe, where we are just getting started. My main areas of interest are Governance, Economics and Development (yup, that’s also what I’m majoring in); which essentially boils down to a deceptively simple question: what are the current structures of the world  and how can I make an impact? I got interested in MEDLIFE whilst searching for new opportunities to engage with NGOs and also come back to Latin America, experience the culture I was so familiar with yet through new eyes as I had already completed a year of my studies. I spent my summer break in the grey skies of Lima and learnt first-hand the work MEDLIFE does, its sustainable approach and got to personally know the volunteers and community members that are connected through MEDLIFE’s mission. I am passionate about the simple ways I have found to counter root issues of poverty and am looking forward to see MEDLIFE as it continuously grows and improves as an organization.