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MEDLIFE Summer Internships Abroad: Meet Minnie

Introducing Minnie Dasgupta, one of MEDLIFE’s summer interns in Lima, Peru.  Minnie is a star MEDLIFE student member — she created the MEDLIFE UC Berkeley Chapter 2 years ago and has quickly turned it into one of our most successful student chapters nationwide!  This summer, Minnie will be lending a hand in all sorts of MEDLIFE activities, such as working with our Patient Follow-up Coordinators, leading student volunteers on MEDLIFE Mobile Clinics, and designing new programs for MEDLIFE student chapters for the coming year.



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Experience the Adventure: MEDLIFE Summer Internships Abroad

Introducing Minnie Dasgupta, one of the dynamic individuals taking part in MEDLIFE Summer Internships Abroad in Lima, Peru. Minnie, a standout MEDLIFE student member, founded the MEDLIFE UC Berkeley Chapter two years ago, transforming it into a leading chapter nationally. This summer, she is diving into various MEDLIFE activities, from collaborating with Patient Follow-up Coordinators to leading student volunteers on MEDLIFE Mobile Clinics, and innovating new programs for student chapters in the upcoming year.

Minnie’s Journey with MEDLIFE

Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, and residing in Berkeley, California, Minnie is on the brink of her senior year at UC Berkeley. She’s double majoring in Developmental Genetics and South Asian Studies, embracing a world of learning and discovery.

Unforgettable Moments with Summer Internships Abroad

Reflecting on her cherished MEDLIFE memories, Minnie recalls her inaugural two-week Service Learning Trip in Riobamba. The interaction with the children, especially teaching them English color names, stands out as a heartfelt experience. These moments of cultural exchange and joy epitomize the essence of MEDLIFE Summer Internships Abroad.

Lima’s Surprises

Lima has been an eye-opener for Minnie, showcasing the stark contrasts of wealth and the unexpected ubiquity of familiar fast-food chains. These observations offer interns a broader perspective on global communities.

The Summer Internships Abroad Experience

Engaging in a MEDLIFE internship provides a spectrum of opportunities. Minnie appreciates the deep dive into MEDLIFE’s mission, immersing herself in Peru’s vibrant culture, and yes, even the iconic MEDLIFE vests! Her experience exemplifies the enriching and multifaceted nature of MEDLIFE Summer Internships Abroad.

A Dash of Fun

Minnie excels at the board game Taboo™, adding fun to her MEDLIFE internship. Her skill awaits official confirmation, highlighting MEDLIFE’s community spirit.

We’re keenly following Minnie’s MEDLIFE journey. Her experiences showcase the program’s deep impact beyond just professional growth. MEDLIFE internships blend learning, culture, and community. They prepare students like Minnie for empathetic, informed leadership.

Thanks to Minnie for her insights. We look forward to her future accomplishments with MEDLIFE Summer Internships Abroad. Her story motivates others, showing the significant impact of committed, empathetic action in diverse settings.