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An Interview with the Coordinator of Development of Pisac


We had the opportunity to interview Lino Huaman, Coordinator of Development in the Municipality of Pisac, from the Chahuaitiri community in Pisac, Cusco. During our conversation, he told us how climate change has caused Andean communities to be directly affected by frost and drought. Since the crops in these areas are very vulnerable to these climate problems, at least 95% have been affected.

The death of crops due to climate change has generated shortages and even caused the deaths of many animals due to lack of grazing. Families were facing a very big problem in which a lowered amount of crops and animals were causing a lack of income and even health problems such as anemia in children. Despite all this, the municipality did not want to help and prioritized other projects.

This is why MEDLIFE built Greenhouses in the Chahuaitire community. As Lino tells us, the project has been a salvation for the community, improving nutrition and the local economy. Now, local agriculture is protected from the outside weather and insects. The crops are now clean and healthy and it is even possible to work with organic fertilizers, which was not possible before. In addition, it has helped to reduce water consumption, since pressurized micro-sprinklers are used inside the Greenhouses.

Various vegetables are planted in these crops such as potatoes, ulluco, broad beans, chards, onions, spinach, coriander, lettuce, radish, carrots, etc. The Greenhouses have saved all of these by being protected from the outside climate. Initially, MEDLIFE built 26 Greenhouses. Today, the municipality has opened its eyes to the benefits these greenhouses bring to the community, and now 80 replicas have been made.

The residents are very grateful because this project has contributed enormously to the development and well-being of the community. Lino, on behalf of his community, greatly appreciates the support and invites young people to continue joining MEDLIFE’s volunteer trips “I recommend everyone to come because it is hopeful and a relief for the community to have the support of volunteers from MEDLIFE. We thank you for the spirit of helping, here you will always have a brother who will receive you with open arms”.

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