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Intern Journal: Kristine Zimmerman

The most important questions we ask are the ones that don’t have easy answers. They are the questions that call into mind our thoughts, ideas, and behaviors. They are the…

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Intern Journal: Allie Krugman

For the fourth day in a row, I opened my graduate school application portal only to reread the question – What are your reasons for interest in public health? –…

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Intern Journal: Brittany Cook

  The morning meeting came to an end when I learned about the four follow-up patients Beatriz was scheduled to see for the day. Beatriz is one of the four…

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Intern Journal: Sarah Bridge

         Last weekend, we held two volunteer days to help get materials up the 150 steps that lead to the site where we are building a two…

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Intern Journal: Marissa Reinhart

          What is your initial thought when you look at this picture? It’s okay if it is negative. If I looked at this picture from…

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