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Elka’s MEDLIFE Journey

Elka’s MEDLIFE journey is a testament to the impact our Mobile Clinics have on individuals and communities. When faced with a medical challenge, Elka’s determination and the support she received from MEDLIFE changed her life. In this blog, we’ll delve into Elka’s story, highlighting her resilience and the transformative role MEDLIFE played in her health and well-being.

8-1Discovering the Need for Medical Assistance

Elka, a 23-year-old residing in Pamplona Alta, faced health issues for three years without seeking help. However, the opportunity for a free Pap smear at a MEDLIFE Mobile Clinic prompted her to take action. This initial encounter marked the beginning of Elka’s MEDLIFE journey, leading to crucial follow-up visits and life-saving interventions.

Navigating the Complexities of Medical Treatment

Elka’s journey unfolded with the revelation of a significant vaginal infection, prompting multiple visits to Maria Auxiliadora Hospital. With limited oncologists available, the challenges of securing specialist appointments became apparent. Elka’s persistence and MEDLIFE’s unwavering support facilitated a comprehensive diagnosis, including a biopsy that identified abnormal cell growth linked to HPV.

Elka’s treatment spanned four months, comprising various medications and a surgical LEEP procedure to remove abnormal tissue. Despite insurance covering hospital visits, Elka faced financial hurdles for medication and the operation. MEDLIFE’s financial assistance proved instrumental, ensuring Elka received the care she needed.


Transitioning to a brighter future, Elka now undergoes regular Pap smears every six months to monitor her cervical health. Her inspiring journey has transformed her into a community advocate, encouraging other women to prioritize their health through Pap smears. MEDLIFE’s impact extends beyond medical support, as seen in projects like the construction of stairs in Elka’s community, enhancing accessibility and safety.

Elka’s MEDLIFE journey exemplifies the organization’s commitment to holistic healthcare. Her story serves as an inspiration for others facing health challenges, emphasizing the importance of timely interventions and community support. As Elka continues to thrive, she stands as a living testament to the positive impact MEDLIFE has on individuals and communities.

Watch the video below to hear Elka describe her experience in her own words:

Text by Minnie Dasgupta, Photos by Zenobia Gonsalves, Video by Lindsay Bigda