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Elka’s MEDLIFE Journey

Elka’s MEDLIFE journey is a testament to the impact our Mobile Clinics have on individuals and communities. When faced with a medical challenge, Elka’s determination and the support she received…

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Dia de Independencia!

Just because we’re in Latin America doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate our favorite holidays from the US of A — today interns and staff in Lima hosted a rooftop…

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A Perspective on Pamplona Alta (Lima, Peru)

MEDLIFE has been working in Pamplona Alta since March 2010.  The majority of Mobile Clinics and MEDLIFE Fund projects in Peru serve the communities of Pamplona Alta.  Zenobia Gonsalves, our…

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Telan Playa Classroom Project

In 2010, the inception of the MEDLIFE Fund can be traced back to a humble classroom construction project in Telan Playa, Ecuador. This initiative marked the beginning of MEDLIFE’s commitment…

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Community Engagement in Buena Vista with MEDLIFE

  In the heart of our commitment to community engagement, MEDLIFE orchestrates impactful development projects beyond the walls of medical clinics. Carlos Benavides, MEDLIFE’s devoted Director of MEDLIFE Fund projects…

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